You have a rush job and are looking for a welding company?

Is there a machine out of order? Do you have a deadline you can’t make? Is your staff ill? There a piece of an aircraft broken and it needs to be airborne again?

We’re always able to get you a specialist for your rush job by deploying extra personnel in our workshop for our ongoing work.
You will pay a fixed price for our specialist, plus the additional costs we need to pay extra for deploying the extra personnel, plus the time to settle all this.
A rush job always costs more, but you can be assured that we can help you anytime, anywhere with solving a welding problem.

How to make an urgent request?

1- 1- If you have an urgent order, make sure this is clearly stated in the order itself. Add clear instructions and if possible some pictures/blueprints of the project.
The more information you are able to supply us with, the faster we are able to work on it.

The rule states that the bid amount will increase as the date of the job gets closer to the time of application, so choose a specified date and time on which we can base our quotation

Do you want to make sure that the application will also be read urgently please use our email address:
You will automatically receive an email back with the service number, and we ask you to send us a text message so we are able to read the urgent request as quickly as possible.

2-We review the contract and send a message back asking for more information if we need it or when you can expect a quota within a certain time period

3- You will receive a quotation ASAP. Mentioned herein are days and times where we need a definite agreement and also payment to arrange everything on time.

We slightly altered our Terms and Conditions when it comes to a rush job.
One of those alterations is that we require a payment in advance on our bank account. We start with our definite planning once this is visible.
This alteration exists because we have to make high costs for planning and do not want to run the risk of unpaid cancellation.

4-After receiving the payment agreement and become the final planning and we will carry out the job on agreed date and time.