EN ISO 15614-5 titanium Grade 5

Lasklus Netherlands (Amersfoort, The Netherlands) successfully completed the first of many to come welding procedure qualifications for welding Titanium Alloy Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V). All welding was done by the owner of the company, Patrick Wouterse, who is a certified welder himself. The qualification, based on EN ISO 15614-5, was monitored by customer representatives and independent welding engineer (IWE) Dimitri De Spiegeleer.

The welding procedure involves welding titanium according to the highest specs and was performed in a purge chamber at values below 10 PPM Oxygen, which is a fact on the qualification.
Where others can achieve this qualification with a bigger cup, Lasklus Netherlands truly believes in highest quality and has been given a unique position in the high tech market by qualifying titanium in a purge chamber.

With this prestigious qualification, Lasklus Netherlands further expands its already impressive welding capabilities and becomes an even more unique company specialized in Titanium welding.