Global leader in purge chamber titanium welding

Parts from all over the world can be easily sent to us and returned quickly after welding, but we also offer worldwide on-site welding.

Guaranteed the highest quality in the world, down to 1 PPM calibrated logged oxygen level.

Qualified according all standards: EN ISO 15614-5 / ASME IX / AWS D17.1 / AWS D1.9

  • High tech
  • Aerospace & Space
  • Chemical
  • Precision
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
  • Defence
  • etc.


Want to know more about titanium welding?

Titanium welding is a very specialized part of metalworking.
As reactive metal, titanium has the unwanted property to absorb elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen at a temperature above 250 degrees. A good titanium weld is silver or (at latest) straw in color. The more discoloration, the more included elements and the more brittle the titanium. Wrong welded and so contaminated titanium is in contrast to, for example, stainless steel not recoverable. The only way to get a good titanium weld is by using a purge chamber with full argon atmosphere. We have five different sizes so we can weld almost everything. Because of the different sizes we only consume the necessary amount of argon so we can keep the costs as low as possible. Besides welding in a protected atmosphere, it is important that the titanium is not getting too hot, parts are perfect cleaed and preprocessing happens with HSS tool which only gets in contact with titanium. All these requirements ensure that in the Netherlands and even in the whole world only a few welding companies can weld titanium properly, and because of this we are a well-known welding company in the titanium processing industry. Lasklus Netherlands has welded much titanium parts for the aircraft industry, motor/racing, sports and the chemical industry and we work all over the world. For titanium welding on site, we have the skill and experience to ensure the best quality weld by using customizable and modular purge chamber possibilities. Because of trade secrets and product development, we, unfortunately, can’t publish most photo’s of our customers products, however, we have more than enough beautiful projects to show on this page.