Highest quality niobium welding

Lasklus Netherlands is the global leader in purge chamber niobium, titanium, tantalum and zirconium welding.
We guarantee the highest quality in the world, down to 1 PPM calibrated logged oxygen level.

Qualified: EN ISO 15613/ 15614-5 / 9606-5 / ASME IX / AWSD17.1

  • High tech
  • Aerospace & Space
  • Chemical
  • Precision
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government
  • Defence
  • etc.

Parts can easily be shipped to the Netherlands and quickly returned, but we also offer worldwide on-site welding.


Want to know more about niobium welding?

Niobium is a reactive metal which wants to include elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen at a temperature above 250 degrees.
A good weld on niobium is silver in color. The more discoloration, the more contained elements and the more brittle the niobium will be. Wrong welded, and so contaminated niobium can’t be repaired.
The only way to get a good weld on niobium is by using a purge chamber purged with 99,9999% argon.
We have five different sizes purge chambers so we can weld any product, due to the different sizes we only consume the necessary amount of argon and we can minimize the cost.
Besides welding in the protective atmosphere, it’s very important to not get too high temperatures during welding niobium, components are absolute clean and the machining is done with HSS tools that only came into contact with niobium.

These requirements ensure that in the Netherlands and even in the world there only a very few welding companies who weld niobium properly and therefore we are a worldwide known welding company in this area.
Lasklus Netherlands welds a lot of niobium components for applications in the chemical, nuclear and aerospace industry.

For niobium welding on site, we have the skills and experience to ensure the best quality welds using customizable and modular purge chamber facilities.

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