Magnesium welding

Magnesium welding is difficult and, above all, very dangerous. Magnesium kindled by heat and oxygen at 600 degrees and is quite difficult to put out.
The welding temperature of magnesium is around 2000 degrees and if not executed correctly, this will result in a bright metal fire.
We know how to deal with the welding of magnesium to minimize the chance of ignition. If it does fire, we have the right precautions in order to extinguish quickly and correctly.
Most magnesium repairs are with polluted and oxidized magnesium, this must be mechanically cleaned and then be dry-cleaned before it can be welded.
We specialize in difficult welding and also for welding magnesium, we have the right solutions.

We have more than 100 magnesium welded objects, of which only some on this page.

On other pages, you will find other welding to titanium, bronze, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more!

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