Chroom moly welding

Chrome moly welding or ‘’Chromoly’’ welding is not much more difficult as plain steel welding, it is the right experience and implementation that is very important for a good strength after welding.
CR-Mo steel contains chromium and Molybdenum alloy elements and is made according to the hardening and tempering process (quench and temper).
As a result, the steel significantly stronger and become more resistant to corrosion and the steel is more resistant to temperature changes.
In welding of Cr-Mo steel, pre-heat and after-heat pathways are right and very important, the so-called heat treatment and de-stress methods, to prevent the metal from tearing when cooling down.
In addition, proper pre-processing and the right weld settings are very important to minimize the melting while still being fully welded. stronger as just steel, it can be constructed and you can find it mainly in smaller applications.
Because chrome molybdenum is much stronger and lighter, you can find it where weight saving is important.
Best known Cr-Mo steel are 4130 (steel tubing), 4140 and 4150 (42CrMo4) (50CrMo4), these are widely used in the race, engine and aircraft industry but there are also, for example, cycling, weapons, and household products.

We have welded over 200 welded chrome moly objects, of which only some on this page.

On other pages, you will find further welding to stainless steel, titanium, bronze, aluminum, magnesium and more!

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