Cast iron welding

Cast iron welding is, according to many, not good to weld, and that’s why we have made it a specialization!

Lasklus Netherland welds 95% of all types of cast irons and cast steel with a strong and reliable end result.
Whether it’s decorative ornaments, fences, machine parts, manifolds or complete engine blocks, there is always a suitable solution with more than 20 types of filler metal for cast iron welding on stock.

Of course, we are fully aware of pre-heat, after-heat and de-stressing methods so that the cast iron does not tear easily during cooling and a good strength retention.

Each job you are fully aware of the possibilities, success rate and by walking step-by-step plan.

We have more than 400 cast iron and cast steel welded objects, of which there are but only a few on this page.
On other pages, you will find further examples of welding to cast aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, magnesium and more!

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