Cast aluminum welding

Cast aluminum welding is something completely different as just aluminum welding, it required material knowledge to obtain the correct weld.
Aluminum is like almost every metal castable, in this way, products with difficult forms of are made of one piece.
The most common process for casting aluminum is injection molding, where a machine is injecting the liquid aluminum under pressure into a mold.
Cast aluminum is doable with an addition which corresponds most to the alloy, known alloys include Al226 (SiCu), Al239 (SiMg) and Al243 (MgSi).
Cast aluminum has a melting point of only 660 degrees and is able to be welded with different welding technique’s. Suitable varies by situation and our many years of experience ensures that we always can make the right choice.
In cast aluminum, you can count on us for any welding job, think especially about repair or modifications to existing castings.
Common welding jobs are to weld cast aluminum engine parts such as carters and cylinder heads.
To always make the best weld possible, we always 15 different type’s of aluminum welding wires on stock for welding cast-aluminum.

We have welded more than 400 cast aluminum objects, of which only some on this page.

On other pages, you will find other welding to, just aluminum, magnesium, stainless steel, bronze, titanium, and more!

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