Titanium turbine grade 5 ExxonMobil

Titanium Turbine welding for ExxonMobil in titanium grade 5.
3D metal printing comes more and more, we have welded 3D printed metal since the beginning of welding and working in the meantime for over 20 companies at the top of the 3D-metal printing.
A company in product development called us, the idea was to create a product of chrome-cobalt alloy ST2724G, no problem for us.
A week later, the customer called again, they had discovered titanium, and wanted to let the part be made of titanium instead of chrome-cobalt alloy ST2724G, no problem for us.
Fortunately, we can weld each metal and therefore titanium, a little more work in the purge chamber but again this is not a problem, in this case, Ti-6AI-4V-ELI, grade 5.
The product concerned a new invention, a kind of turbine to be able to mix glycol in wet gas, to produce a dry gas end product.
This turbine, which is placed on top of a test kit in Houston (America), replaces a large separation Tower and takes up less space and is also cost-effective.

For jobs on printed metal such as Titanium and other exotic metals, we have 4 different purge chambers, the smallest has a capacity of 40 liters and largest a whopping 1800 liters.

More info about titanium/purge chamber welding can be found here