Chemical plant stack titanium sampling lance

Of this titanium lans has a broke off flange.
To us whether we can put strong welding on there so that it no longer breaks.
The unique Lance is used for taking air samples in a stack (chimney) of a chemical factory to check how much pollutants they emit.
Two of the three inputs are used as pitot tube (for the determination of the air velocity/pressure difference) and 1 tube for sucking in the air with which the volume flow is being calculated.
The air is flowing through a heated inner tube (to prevent condensation in the tube) by a pump into a carbon tube.
At the laboratory its being looked at how much harmful substances are in the carbon tube.
Because the amount of displaced air is known, it is possible to measure the emissions of harmful substances.
The Lance is made of titanium because the temperature in the chimney can rise to many hundreds of degrees Celsius.