RG7 bronze welding machined shapes

By a well-known company, specialized in making bronze form parts for paper pulp machines, we received a request if we were able to weld RG7 bronze.
RG7 bronze is known for not being able to weld and all specialists discourage this strongly.
For the company, however, this would mean a huge financial setback, it turned out that a large number of forms were wrong.
Up to the time of this request only very small bronze RG7 charges were used, without warranty.
We began ‘’in response to this request’’, a long and expensive testing process to find the best possible solution for the (on) welding of this material.
After 3 weeks, this testing process has a final conclusion that we are now the only company in the Netherlands and perhaps in the world, that can weld RG7 bronze successful and tear free.

Below you will find a photo report, from beginning to end.