Repair aircraft nose wheel

This job is a welding job to the nose wheel of a Piper Thomahawk II.
This customer (an aircraft maintenance company) asked if we could do something with the worn through eyelets on the aluminum nose wheel.
To these eyelets become the tie rod for placing the aircraft inside or outside.

Urgent job for the inspection so that the airplane could fly back the next day to the owner.
We have used a special welding technique to slowly rebuilt with aluminum and then everything filed in model.
Aluminum alloys which are used in the aircraft industry are not the standardly used alloys, they need to be extra strong as extra light in weight.
These materials require much knowledge of materials, special equipment and a special welding technology.

In addition, you can’t just weld in aviation, only with EASA/ ILT Part145 certification or FAA license (for American appliances).