Piper Thomahawk flaphandle

Again a Piper Thomahawk, a fairly old one of more than 30 years.
The customer (an aircraft maintenance company) was at large maintenance of this aircraft and discovered an almost aborted flap handle.
New no longer available and used very scarce, fixing it seemed therefore the right solution and so they came to us.
We have disassembled the handle and removed the twisted metal, cracks and missing parts. We have welded it very fine with the Tig method, the material of the handle is just a mm thick.
In this case, it concerns 4130 chrome-moly steel.
Welding of this material requires a lot of knowledge of materials, special equipment, and a special welding technology.

In addition, you can’t just weld in aviation, just with EASA/ ILT Part145 certification or FAA license (for American appliances).

(Related to the privacy is the Aircraft registration number removed)