Motorists orient themselves along the Valley channel with the practical question of where it IS. The philosophical counterpart IS IT TRUE (IS HET WAAR) can be seen for bikers on the other side of the channel.

The letters are from brass plates, and like almost everything that contains brass nowadays, are some of these brass plates stolen.

The plates were stuck with blind rivets and were around soldered.
We have now to the crucial corners TIG welded so that they now have a lot more difficult to steal.

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Description: the lyrics ‘ where IS the “and” IS IT TRUE ‘ over a length of 2 x 100 metres along the banks of the Valley channel.
Artist: Marc Ruygrok
Title: Where IS IT/IS IT TRUE
Created: 1999
Material: brass/18 letters
Size: 18 x (ca. 135 x 140 x 200 cm)
Location: Valley Channel Amersfoort
‘ IS IT TRUE ‘ (IS HET WAAR) between the Randwijcklaan and the Liendertseweg.
‘ WHERE IS IT ‘ (WAAR IS HET) between the Kattenbroekerweg and the Holkerweg.
Client: Municipality Of Amersfoort
Posted: spring 2000