Grand Caravan 208B Super Cargomaster

The PH-SWP of para centrum Teuge is a Cessna 208B Super cargomaster, a cargo plane, built in 2005 and 4 years later converted into para-plane.
The “SWooP” was converted into a Supervan at the beginning of 2014 with a 900 HP engine, and one along with the “JuMP” , it is the fastest paratroopers-Netherlands aircraft and can carry up to 18 skydivers.
The exhaust, which is part of the 900 Supervan, is made of heat-resistant Rvs347, a difficult weldable stainless steel type where extremely clean work and backing is necessary.
We have special equipment such as a 1 ppm Oxygen analysis device to make sure the exhaust fully formed is before we start welding.
During the development of the exhaust, it was already figured out that two diamonds in the inner corners will distribute the tension better, it turns out, however, just not enough to keep the exhaust tear-free.
As solution is devised to make a diamond shape, on the welded crack so that the tension around the tear drops off.
We understand that a plane must be in the air, especially cargo planes of this type.

We can perform this job as a matter of urgency all over the world, repair only takes one day to complete.

After welding the exhaust we of course once again polish it for a good and shiny result.