Engine mount Lancair Legancy

A customer called us with the question, “have you ever welded on a plane?”
Yes, we have. We do welding repair under Part 145 and FAA certification for many aircraft maintenance companies in NL, EU, and USA.

The customer explained that the engine support that was welded last week had broke again.
The welding company that had performed the repair claimed that the support would never break and this made him was so very skeptical.
We have explained that frame’s of aircraft often are made of high-quality materials such as titanium or chrommoly, in order to get strong and lightweight constructions.
These materials require much knowledge of materials, special equipment and a special welding technology.
In addition, you don’t just weld in aviation, just with EASA/FAA ILT Part145 certification or license (for American appliances).

On the appointed day we took a bus full of welding equipment and different type’s of wire and gas to the customer. Directly it was clear that the engine mount was welded with the wrong welding equipment. Soon we had picked out what material it was and that we could support the best welding to meet the appropriate requirements