Cessna exhaust

The PH- JMP is a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan original built in the passenger-carrying but in 1997 directly in use by the para Centre to transport paratroopers.
By the growth of para centrum Teuge, the JuMP got a new heavy motor in 2012  and was renamed Supervan 900. It is the fastest aircraft of Netherlands and can take up to 18 skydivers.
The exhaust, which is part of the 900 Supervan, is made of heat-resistant Rvs347, a difficult weldable stainless steel type where extremely clean work and backing is necessary.
This job was an emergency of the maintenance company of this plane, the (by a well-known German company) welded exhaust was fairly quickly ripped and that happened exactly for a pressure skydive weekend.
The exhaust was rejected because the chance of large cracks was big and had to be fixed.
In the morning the exhaust was brought to us, during lunchtime they could retrieve him again and mount it back on.
The exhaust will come back later to be provided with a transfer plate of Rvs347 as a permanent solution.
Alloys which are used in the aircraft industry, such as Rvs347, are not the standardly used alloys, the alloys need to be extra strong as extra light in weight.
These materials require much knowledge of materials, special equipment, and a special welding technology.

In addition, you cant just start welding in aviation, only with EASA/FAA ILT Part145 certification or license (for American appliances).