Bust Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

Because nowadays bronze is a popular metal and thereby regularly stolen. At the request of the municipality, we have a number of artworks more or less secured.
This makes it a lot harder for the thieves guild.
The text accompanying the photos clarified one and other.

More info on that image:

Year: 1910
revealed: 1911
Artist: August F.H. Falise
Material: Bronze
Location: Thorbeckeplein (Mountain Quarter/Forest Area)


Johan van Oldenbarnevelt is one of the most striking inhabitants who had ever lived in Amersfoort. He was born in 1547 in Amersfoort.
The original site of the bust was in the station square. In 1933 it was transferred to the garden of the Johan van Oldenbarnevelt gymnasium at the Barchman Wuytierslaan. At present, the image stands at the thorbeckeplein