Dinner time, bronze potatoes on the table

Of this work of art are already some bronze potatoes “borrowed”.
To prevent even more ‘’borrowed’’ potatoes, the municipality asked us if we perhaps could look at how we could make more difficult for the thieves guild.
After inspection, we saw that the potatoes were only screwed with 3 bolts.
This, we have fixed the welds at the tables, so it becomes a lot more difficult to remove them.

More information on this work of art:

Year: 1996
Gust Romijn
Dinner time
Location: Heath – the Adventure (kattenbroek)

The potatoes are on the table for dinner.
The artist has a dream of Poliphio.
This artist dreamed how the low countries emerged out of the water and how it produced fertile soil, water and the potato as an icon for the history of the Netherlands.