Bronze artwork, Der Zyklus

On the Court in Amersfoort, the bronze plate of the artwork Der Zydklus is bent by a heavy truck.
Our mission: to focus and strengthen so that it no longer inflects.
After stripping the plate of the big lump of concrete to which he was detained through anchors, we have straightened and reinforcement ribs welded.
More info on this bronze plate:

Year: 1996
Artist: Norbert Radermacher
Material: Bronze
Location: the Court, multiple locations Wall houses (town)

In Amersfoort are a work of art that “Der Zyklus” is called.
On a bronze plate on the Court are all days of the week.
Referring to an ever continuing cycle in the paving of the Wall houses is also a trail of bronze plates findable.
These seven elements refer to the celestial bodies.
The celestial bodies correspond with days of the week
each other: Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Sun, moon, Mars,
Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and
The artist, Norbert Radermacher, let anyone smoking in his
thoughts to something to do with his artwork.