Aircraft engine mount Cessna 182

An airplane maintenance company for which we have carried out more jobs had a Cessna 182 in the Hangar for periodic maintenance.
During this maintenance, it was revealed that a motor mount was torn and so this had to be restored as soon as possible.
While the company disassembles the necessary parts that get in our way, we drove with our service car to the hangar and have restored everything on site.
Steel alloys that are used in the aircraft industry are no standard alloys, these alloys should both extra strong as extra light in weight, in this case, chrome-molybdenum.
These materials require much knowledge of materials, special equipment and a special welding technology.

In addition, you can’t just weld in aviation, only with a EASA/ILT Part145 certification or FAA license (for American appliances)you may weld on aviation aircraft.

If necessary, we can perform this kind of odd jobs as a matter of urgency all over the world! 

(Related to the privacy, the Aircraft registration number is removed)