What kind of a company is Lasklus Netherlands?

Welding company Lasklus Netherlands is founded by Patrick Wouterse, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering who made a profession out of his hobby by founding this company.

After a good 15 years of experience, we now have a beautiful company with a workshop of 500 square meters. With a very driven team of specialists.

How did it all start?

Thanks to own experience, Patrick found out that it’s pretty tough to find a good all-round welding company or a good and motivated welder who had the knowledge of everything new, business wise. Welding as a career is something that seems to become less and less of a thing, and that is quite a shame.
With that problem in mind, Patrick went to our Chamber Of Commerce once he got his degree in Mechanical Engineering, to launch his company Lasklus Nederland. And it has been a success since day one!

What is Lasklus Netherlands offering?

At Lasklus Nederland we guarantee you a high-quality weld at a decent price.
If the job is either big or small, it has to get pretty weird if Lasklus Nederland isn’t able to help out with your request. Even if Lasklus Nederland doesn’t have the capacity in personnel ourselves, are we usually able to help out thanks to our many friends and contacts, to make it all work out in the end.

We weld about 450 kinds of metals and metal alloys with every welding method out there.
Is it made out of metal, and you want to get it welded? Just give us a call!

Lasklus Netherlands is a welding company that’s connected with the Royal Metal Union.

Patrick Wouterse

Patrick Wouterse


31 years old, married, proud father of a daughter and two sons.
Passion for welding, mechanical engineering and anything technical, always looking for new techniques to master.